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5 Reasons Why Car Warranties Are Worth It

Trying to decide if extended car warranties are really worth it? An extended car warranty can protect you from unexpected repair costs and give you coverage that your original factory warranty may not offer.

You may not think that purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle is necessary. However, when your original factory warranty expires, you will be left having to pay for any expensive repair costs.

Here are five reasons why buying an extended warranty is worth it:

1. Peace of Mind

Regardless if you have a used or new car, extended warranties are perfect for people who need extra coverage or who can’t afford the expense of unexpected repairs. Once a factory warranty expires, it might be difficult to avoid paying for the costs of repairs, replacement parts, and labor without an extended warranty.

Purchasing an extended auto warranty, such as a plan from industry leader CARCHEX, eliminates this source of anxiety and protects against costly repairs. It also takes away the responsibility of dealing with lengthy paperwork or negotiating a fair price with a mechanic.

2. Flexibility

Unlike manufacturer warranties, extended car warranties provide unmatched flexibility. For instance, CARCHEX allows you to take your car to any authorized repair shop, while a warranty from the manufacturer usually requires the car be taken to a specific dealership.

Purchasing a third-party warranty also allows you to shop around for the best deal and find affordable coverage. CARCHEX proves its worth by finding the highest-rated warranties and giving you a variety of options.

3. Repair Coverage for Any Vehicle

Extended auto warranties come at an extra price, unlike the manufacturer’s warranty, which makes some people ask if extended car warranties are worth the price.

If you own a Lexus or a BMW, in which parts are more expensive, an extended warranty can save you thousands of dollars. A cylinder head replacement on a BMW 328i can cost over $2,000, which is more expensive than the cost of an extended warranty. Plus, a Lexus extended warranty or BMW extended warranty from CARCHEX doesn’t limit you to using expensive original manufacturer parts.

Whether you own a Mazda with fewer than 50,000 miles or a used Toyota with more than 60,000 miles, an extended warranty from CARCHEX is available.

4. Resale Value

Many extended car warranties are transferable for a small fee, which means you can provide the new owner with comprehensive vehicle protection. While a used car dealership or individual buyer may not pay extra for the vehicle based on your vehicle service contract, it does influence potential buyers to purchase your vehicle over one that does not have protection.

5. Additional Benefits

There are other ways car warranties prove their worth and help customers out of stressful situations. Roadside assistance, rental cars, towing, trip protection, and affordable payment plans are just a few of the benefits you receive when you buy a car warranty with CARCHEX.

We offer 24/7 roadside assistance, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to the mechanic (or pay for accommodation during an interrupted trip) in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

What Is Covered Under a CARCHEX Extended Warranty?

Unlike your manufacturer’s warranty, an extended warranty can provide more comprehensive coverage for a longer period of time. At CARCHEX, we provide five levels of coverage with different protection plans within each level—ranging from bumper-to-bumper coverage to basic powertrain protection. Our plans are available nationwide, including California.

With some contracts, you may even receive seal and gasket coverage, wear and tear coverage, and tire and road hazard coverage.

All plans also come with 24/7 roadside assistance benefits that provide reimbursement for rental cars, towing and even meals and accommodations for breakdowns that happen over 100 miles from home.

Take a look at the chart below to compare our Vehicle Protection Plans.

CARCHEX Vehicle Protection Plans

What Vehicles Does CARCHEX Cover?

CARCHEX covers both new and used vehicles, depending on the contract and level of coverage. Vehicles with up to 125,000 miles are covered. This extends far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, which typically only covers your vehicle for up to 60,000 miles or less.

One of the major benefits of an extended auto warranty is that it makes the repair process easier. No matter how much the cost of parts fluctuate from year to year or from state to state, the full cost of the repair should be covered.

When it comes time for repairs, CARCHEX customers are only required to ask the repair facility to contact the claims department for authorization and payment. The customer is then responsible for paying the deductible (if their deductible is more than $0). It’s really that simple.

Benefits of an Extended Warranty from CARCHEX

In addition to our comprehensive vehicle coverage, CARCHEX boasts our accreditation and A+ customer service rating from the Better Business Bureau, showing our commitment to providing top-notch customer service.

We also provide:

  • The ability to choose your own repair facility—We have partnered with over 30,000 repair facilities in the U.S., so you can choose the licensed repair location of your choice. Unlike a regular factory warranty, you won’t be required to visit one dealership or specific repair shop.
  • Claims paid directly to the repair facility—With our Extended Vehicle Protection Plans, we pay your covered claims directly to the repair facility, so you won’t have to wait for a reimbursement.
  • Additional auto warranty benefits—Our coverage provides additional perks like emergency roadside assistance, rental car services, towing, and trip interruption benefits.
  • 24/7/365 direct quote engine—Our instant quoting system allows you to view your quote and coverage options while simultaneously speaking to one of our customer service representatives.
  • A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee—We’re proud to back our products and services. If you’re not satisfied with your warranty for any reason, you may contact CARCHEX within 30 days to get a refund.

The worth of your extended warranty doesn’t just depend on the provider— it also depends on the research and due diligence you perform to pick the most trusted and personalized coverage.

Call CARCHEX for Your Free Extended Warranty Quote

If you’re still wondering whether car warranties are worth it, consult the experts at CARCHEX to find the most competitively priced and high-quality vehicle protection plans on the market.

Call us at 866-261-3457 to get an extended car warranty today.



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